Art As Money
The Gray Man

1st Year 1st Semester

In the course “Intro to fashion design projects” in my
first year in Shenkar, we were assigned a fashion brand we had to design a collection for I have been assigned Vetements. Fashion-wise, Vetements is a brand that’s been growing in the last few years, from the “anti-fashion” school of fashion. A Movement of designers and fashion brands who challenge and expand the world of fashion, and raise the question - “What is fashion”.

It sent me to think about the Dada period in art, which asked the same questions about art. Specifically I focused on the modern artist Dadara.
He deals with a lot of questions regarding capitalism and art, much like Vetements. In one of his lectures, he says that today, around bankers’ tables, they talk about their purchases in the art world, and treat art as a stock; whilst around the artists’ tables they talk about money. The collection is a streetwear collection, inspired by the Dada world, and holds criticism towards capitalism and its approach to art.