Historical Costume Recreation

2nd Year 1st Semester

This Costume I made as part of the historical recreation course. I worked on it with two more girls my class. In this project we had to choose a portrait which represents the outfit from the time period we were assigned, and to execute it in the most authentic way, except for the color Orange, which was also chosen for us. We were assigned the last third of the 16th century, known as the Elizabethan period, and were assigned to recreate a female outfit from that period.


We chose to recreate the Queen Elizabeth's outfit
as it appears in the Armada Portrait from 1588.

During the project, we were required to recreate all layers of the
outfit according to academic sources. During the recreation process
we researched the period, and its cultural and geopolitical features.
This design was presented in Shenkar Fashion Week in Tel Aviv in 2019