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2nd Year 1st Semester

My design is inspired by the Sufi stream of Islam, and specifically from their religious ceremonies, which are known for their exctatic circle dancing. The outfit is for men, and was made as part of Men’s fashion course in Shenkar. My first acquaintance with the Sufis was made during my Middle Eastern history studies for my first Bachelor's degree. I remember being fascinated by their ecstasy, and their devotion to their god, even though I am not a religious person nor a believer.


This outfit got to the final of the Frankfurt Style Award competition, and was displayed there on the runway.

The texts in the set are taken from the poems of the Sufi poet Rumi.
They are taken from books I got during the design process from Hader, my friend who comes from a Muslim Palestinian home. His poems are intimate love poems, maybe for god, maybe for a man, which deal with the ecstasy, and the internal experience of the Sufi follower. The silhouettes are inspired by outfits of religious Sufis in the middle east. The design is aiming to pass the internal experience and the outer body experience of the Sufi during prayer. An experience that sometimes reaches physical levels.

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