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2nd Year 2nd Semester

Winner of the Outstanding Talent at the Frankfurt Style Awards 2020.

Ars Over Java is a project inspires by two Israeli social groups on the opposite side of the map. It is a dialog between where I come from and who I am today.


"Ars" is the Israeli equivalent to gangster, it is a derogatory term, Java is a common programing language. I grew up in Bat-Yam, a city full of violence, drugs and soccer. My favorite team was Beitar Yerushalaim, but with time racism and politics took over the team. At some point I had enough, I moved to the big city Tel-Aviv, searching for a better life, trying to erase my Ars identity. I became a software developer, placing my self in an "intellectual", "cultural" environment. 


In this project I chose to finally embrace all of my identities and allow myself to play with social stigmas.


The coat is covered with prints of the famous computer error "Blue Screen of Death". Along with blood stains, representing street and sports violence. The silhouette references a soccer team's manager coat.

The "BIBI" jumpsuit, and leopard digital print, is shaped out of lined of code endlessly commanding - "Vote BIBI". I personally broke this loop, and this is my protest against Israeli elitists accusing us of mindlessly voting.

The hat features the symbol of Beitar Yerushalaim. I pixelated it and put it under the 404 computer error, my way of criticizing the fascist ways of the team.