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2nd Chance

3rd Year 1st Semester

2nd Chance is a collaboration I created with Pitchon Lev which is the largest charity NGO in Israel within the Sustainable Fashion Course in Shenkar. This project reached the final stage of the competition in the 2020 Frankfurt Style Awards.



Sustainability is not just about our environment, it is about our society. As someone coming from a family of poor means, working with a charity organization like Pitchon Lev was the first thing that came up to my mind. The organization receives large amounts of donated clothes for sale, with that income it purchases food supplies for families in need. Unsold items get shredded, quickly finding their way to the garbage, polluting pur environment. As a designer and an entrepreneur The huge amounts of fabrics inspired me. I reached out to Pitchon Lev and together we developed a unique platform incorporating a fashion designer to take sustainability to a whole new level. This is how it works - 
A. Pitchin Lev provides the designer with bags of clothes.
B. Inspired by the shredding process the clothes are being sorted and cut into strips of equal width.
C. The designer reassembles the strips according to a specific sewing pattern, maintaining a Zero Waste policy.

Using this upcycling technique we create one of a kind garments. The result is that old clothes that used to be sold for around 0.5$ are being sold for much more, which means much more money going to hungry people. As a young fashion designer this platform, we created together gives me a stage to showcase my designs while impacting society. As for the environment we close the loop while extending the life of existing materials.