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3rd Year 2nd Semester


My tailoring project is inspired by the French artists and romantic partners Pierre et Gille. Their art works are combining photography and painting.

Many of their photographs show male and female models in familiar catholic compositions. The models often represent figures of Christian saints and figures from the mythology. Another prominent aspect of their work is the homoerotic interpretation of this characters. Some of their works are influenced by pornography and show male nudity.


It is important to note that they started their work about 40 years ago. These are times when the LGBTQ+ community was much weaker and much less presented and accepted than it is today. AIDS started raging in the world and the community was severely affected. Creating such brave art in these times is a tremendous achievement in itself.

The collection

In my work, I decided to take the sanctity and homoeroticism that Pierre and Jill display and bring them to a more local place that I am connected to or even in a kind of conflict with. In recent years we have witnessed unprecedented campaigns against the LGBTQ+ community in Israel, by religious organizations. Pierre and Jill bring Catholicism with them towards homoeroticism and so I decided to bring ultra-Orthodox Jewish stream and take it to the same places.


As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community , and with friends who belong to these two worlds - both religious and LGBT, I personally think there is no point in conflict and I strive to show in this project that a connection between them can produce beautiful creations.

* Since the project occurred in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdowns in Israel we were asked to only prepare a toile of the chosen jacket. *

Mood Board

At the center of the mood board image I created is a photograph of the Israeli photographer Leah Goldman Holterman, a former ultra-Orthodox. Her photography in my eyes is very erotic and modest at the same time. The colors and flowers around are taken from the images of Pierre and Jill and I try to convey through them their queer essence in a kind of harmony with Sarah's photography.